Dipeptide-2 is a mixture of two amino acid molecules, which is mainly used for the removal of bags and smoothing of wrinkles under the eyes.
Effectiveness and application:
1. Quickly get rid of under-eye bags, the drainage effect of dipeptide-2 can be achieved within 15 days to reduce under-eye bags.
2. Add in the cosmetic formula, such as lotion, gel, serum, etc., so as to achieve the ideal effect of removing bags under the eyes.
3. Helps to prevent and get rid of bags under the eyes and at the same time can tighten and regulate the skin to smooth out wrinkles.
Use and dosage:
Dipeptide-2 can be added at the final stage of cosmetic production, and the preparation temperature needs to be below 40. 3% of the final product is recommended to achieve significant anti-wrinkle activity.
Storage method:
The dipeptide-2 solution must be stored in a cool, light and clean place to ensure a minimum shelf life of 12 months. Long-term storage, recommended at -20, shelf life can be extended to at least 24 months.