Peptide is not medicine, but more precious than medicine, believe in peptide benefit for life!

Peptide is the basic nutrient of cell:
The cell is the basic unit of life, it is delicate but rich, the structure is more intricate, the cell is damaged and poisoned, it will damage the health and cause various diseases. In modern times we have only one disease is -------- cell disease.
The human body is composed of trillions of cells, each of which has an energy generating system called the tricarboxylic acid cycle. This cycle is the component that produces ATP. In the process of organismal transport, small molecule peptides provide the essential amino acid fragments to the cellular energy system by permeating the cell membrane wall, and at the same time react with intracellular ATP to produce "protein, the basis of life" and "glucose, the energy of life". Glucose", which is the energy of life, is used to supply the necessary nutrients to maintain the normal metabolism of the cell, to protect the health of the cell and to maintain the continuity of life.
Small molecule peptide and tricarboxylic acid circulation system together constitute the cell nutrition "base", strengthen the cells, eliminate cell toxins at the same time, together to provide the body with positive energy for life.
When the peptide in the body is sufficient and active, it can give full play to the role of activating, inhibiting and repairing damaged diseased cells, thus ensuring the health of human body.
However, when the peptide in the body is insufficient and the activity is reduced, it is unable to inhibit and repair the damaged lesion cells, which will be accompanied by disease and aging after a long time. In addition, the amount and activity of peptide in the body is not constant, the secretion and activity of peptide in the body will gradually decrease after 30 years old, therefore, in order to improve chronic diseases and delay aging, it is necessary to supplement exogenous peptide in time.